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My kids were always sick, and I was constantly taking them to the doctors and they would be given anti-biotics for ear infections, sore throats etc. My daughter was going to see the ENT doctors. She has had to have tubes in her ears twice and because she had a constant runny nose they took her adenoids out. It worked for awhile but they came back. I started taking my daughter to Ledges Chiropractic Center to see Dr. Childs and I can now say I haven't been to their other doctor in about four months. I wasn't sure going to see a chiropractor was going to help with the runny nose but it has!

Bridget R.


Our daughter started experiencing bad stomach and headaches when she was in the third grade. Every morning she woke up with these symptoms and most of the time they would last all day. When she entered fourth grade, her stomach aches improved some, but her headaches remained steady and painful. We decided to put her on Topamax to see if this would help with her Migraine headaches. The medication did help, however, having a ten year old on the medication, was not what we wanted to do long term. In November, 2008, we decided to try chiropractic care at Ledges Chiropractic Center. After 10 days we were able to decrease her medication to half the strength. By mid December, she was completely off her Topamax medication. We feel her health has improved since her chiropractic care and having her "drug free" is the best part!

Thank you!

Doug & Julie H.


After 8 years, 2 family doctors and 2 OB specialists I had planned on adopting when I was ready to start my family. I came to the chiropractor knowing that it could help with general health. During the new patient orientation Dr. Childs said it could help with reproduction I only half listened. A few weeks after getting adjusted by Dr. Marshall and Dr. Childs I learned that I was pregnant! I "blame" chiropractic for it and I am glad that I decided to come!

Melissa O.


I have been coming for care for about 1 1/2 weeks and I have noticed these improvements:

-less pain

-increased mobility and movement

-less inflammation

-less stiffness, especially in AM when I awake

-increased motivation to be more acctive ie. walking and getting outside more...socializing!

I am pleased with my progress and will continue to come and gain more improvements to my physical, emotional and spirtitual


Thank you Staff of Ledges Chiropractic!

Susan B.


My adventure with the Chiropractor began because I was in a significant amount of pain and discomfort. I also noticed that

when I looked in the mirror that I seemed uneven. I suffered back spasms throughout the day. Now after several weeks of

being educated and adjusted by the doctors my back spasms are almost gone and I feel much more mobile! I appreciate the

Holistic approach that is taken here! I am well on my way to optimal health because of care I have received at Ledges

Chiropractic. Than you for everything you have helped me accomplish!

Scott B.

Dear Dr. Childs,

I would like to thank you already for the care that you are giving me. It has only been 6 visits into the process of getting me back to normal and I already feel better. My neck is the biggest one that I can feel the changes in, not saying that I don't feel it in other places but it just seems to me that I can really feel a lot of tension that has gone away in my neck and it feels great! I can't wait to see how it will feel when I'm further into care. Thank you again.

Brad L.


One morning, I awoke to an intense pain in my neck that shot down my arm. I did all the right things. I used hot and cold compresses, I took it easy. I took Aleve. 2 weeks later I was miserable. I couldn't sleep, the pain was the same. I thought I might go insane. It affected my work, my relationships and my enjoyment of life. I decided to visit Ledges Chiropractic Center. After one week of care I can sleep through the night without medication! I can move around and even put on my coat without pain! I am a very active person; I eat well and exercise often. Ledges Chiropractic Center did more than lessen my pain- he is giving me my life back! Thank you!

Heather M.

When Brody first came into see Dr. Childs he was the most unhappy baby. He always cried, he couldn't do tummy time and required 100% of attention 100% of the time. He refused to nap and if he wasn't being held he had to be laying flat on his back and his head always fell to the right. We the family were all at our breaking point. That is what made me call Ledges Chiropractic Center. It was the best choice I have made! Within 2 weeks everyone noticed a big change. He was happy! He did tummy time and his head stopped falling to the right. We have noticed such big changes I have recommended Ledges Chiropractic to two people already and I would recommend them to everyone else! The staff is so nice and they saved my sanity!

Crystal S

Dr. Ethan Childs is a Grand Ledge Chiropractor providing Family oriented Chiropractic Care with emphasis on Pediatric and Pregnancy Care. Dr. Childs also provides spinal adjustments, Webster Technique, on site x-rays and much more. Dr. Childs proudly serves Grand Ledge, Lansing, Portland, DeWitt and other surrounding areas. Contact the office today at 517-627-7070.

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